Bert van Lamoen

Bill Veltrop

Alex Meza

Brief bio Prof. Bert van Lamoen.
Evolutionary/Transformational Architect.

My passion:
* To seed, grow and evolve inspired organizations and enlightened communities by the new paradigm of emergent change and capacity building.
* To co-create new higher education for the 21st Century.
Re-inventing education, not new schooling. We’re developing GALE=Generative Action-Learning Expedition.

* Over 25 years of experience in both the world of international business and teaching at and developing business schools all over the world.
My main topic as adjunct/associate professor and B-school developer: How to do business/act in the new knowledge (network/creative) economy / entrepreneurship and innovation.
International business, Strategy, Organizational design, change management, organizational behaviour, CSR/sustainability and social entrepreneurship.
Lead thinker on the application of emergent change and complexity.

* 35 years ago I was part of the first real innovation in higher (integrative) education in Europe; with more than 40 star professors including Noble prize winners; having studied and worked with paradigm changers like I. Prigogine (science of complexity), E. Jantsch (system dynamics), F.A. Popp: I feel at home with paradigm change.